As we know today world is facing huge amount of loss all over the way. But with this pandemic we are still with the hope of going things in a right way. People are more concerned acquiring the solutions and helping each other in the matters they can. Here, we have the organizations working for the betterment of the coming generation. The situation is making the childcare sector the weakest. They are the ones who are cladding over and over the time. Today, the age from 3 to 15 the kids are facing as the education has worsen within the time lapse. Schools and colleges are closed, virtual tutoring has taken place instead of ongoing schools. The screen time has gone up with the decline in physical growth. All that growth comes from making connections – connections built through hands-on, multi-sensory experiences of their world. There are several ways parents can support their children’s growth and development. So seeing the disadvantages of this time-

• We see our children are not communicative as they are hanged at home all the time.
• They are more on mental level of working rather then physical level of exertion.
• They have no contact of their level of opportunity.
• They have become more stubborn and sensitive towards the materialistic things.
• They are over burden with the classwork and homework to be done at home.
And many more,

But with this we have many advantages which our situation has taught us to put an eye on.

• The best time the situation has given us is FAMILY TIME. Families which were nuclear, staying apart, working for their own and giving less time are now united having full time for their family.
• The qualities of love and care has increased within their hearts.
• Emotional development and Cognitive development have shown higher.
• Maturity and gratitude level has increased within the age group.
• Time utilisation and encouragement towards taking care of their belongings has grown.
• They have learned to grow and nurture the environment.

The best advantage we have seen over the time is their mental – Cerebral growth. Adaption of Yoga, meditation and inhouse physical growth has been seen in them. So, as a conclusion we can say the situation has given us the worse side but we know how to role out the situation and make it beneficial to our environment.