Many a time we are told to socially behave as people should notice us. Be at the center of the stage or an observer’s view. Why? The answer to it is that people should know who we are, how we behave, and how they should think or take us in notice. As a child, parents expect from us to be a nucleus of everyone’s eye. Work, act or speak as they feel good about us or in fact about them. As a child, they have to go through all these phases. With this the
the invention of hyper-activeness, isolation, speech problem, under-confident etc emotions are felt by the child. Here our Psychologist makes you understand that being a parent please do not think your child as the source of Derby (horse race). Please understand that everyone is unique but that does not mean you prove that. Let it be. It’s

the stage where mind is a plain slate, fill it with values, freedom of doing their own and support with words of wisdom to teach the life lessons instead not the social eye catchers. If your child is hyperactive, channelize the energies in giving the tasks of patience. Art and soft instrumental music are the best combination to be tranquilized and acquire self-power. If your child is nerveless, bring out their energies firstly by intake of healthy food, change in routine cycle, and then introduce Yoga or Physical fitness. Wherein they will feel comfortable and happy soul with that their energy level will increase and start feeling active. If your child is late speaker or difficulty in speaking, give them speech therapy from our experienced Counsellor Ms. Ridhi J Pandya. She will make your child speak accurately with fun and learn process. If your child is feeling under confident, give them the tasks at home, with whatever result, appreciate him/her. Give them the tasks to command themselves with encouraging words every day. If your child is slow learner, sit with them and aware them the importance of learning and ignite the urge of doing the work on time with joy.

There are many points where as a parent we feel “my child should be like him or hers” but no need. Make the significance of your child that high, that he/she feels happy, trust you and feel assertive towards any circumstances.
The zest is, allow your bird to fly with their wings and not flip the wings with other beautiful birds. Happy realisations.